"Our company’s logo is a graphic representation of the close integration that occurs between Libra and our customer: we understand the importance of creating a product that truly and correctly projects our customer’s brand image."

How we work

Our customers typically commission to Libra the creation and supply of entire product collections under their brands. Such products, in most cases complement our customer’s core collections.

With our in-house R&D department, we design the products and their packaging, from concept to detail. Aligning ourselves with our customer’s culture, we incorporate in the products our customer’s brand and image.

We normally produce visual presentations with several proposals for our customer’s consideration. Our presentations are prepared by combining the creative abilities of our Italian and Hong Kong designers, together with the materials’ and production’s expertise of our merchandisers. Hence, unlike a typical design studio, we don’t just deliver abstract designs that require lots of adjustments in order to be become applicable. Our designs are ready to be translated into concrete products because we know how such products are in fact made,

Prototyping and manufacturing is carried out - under our merchandisers’ strict supervision - at a pool of selected factories, each specialized in a particular product segment.

When and as required, we also perform functionality and compliance tests. Some tests are conducted directly at our in-house lab, allowing us rapid assessments of the products and materials. More complex tests and, especially, certifications are carried out at well-recognized international laboratories such as TUV, SGS, etc.

Once production has been completed, our own logistics team arranges the delivery to the required destination. Our delivery terms are flexible, depending on our customer’s needs and can range from ex-factory to DDP final destination.