At Libra we CREATE, DESIGN, MANUFACTURE and SUPPLY Bags, Apparel and Accessories.

Our customers are typically international brands’ owners, licensees or retail chains. Brand owners are usually focussed on their core product. However, in order to better capture their respective markets’ needs and opportunities, to cover new segments, or to attain brand-extensions, they need to integrate their core products with a range of accessories. Licensees are focussed on marketing and distribution, leaving them little time for product development. Retail chains often need to create private-label collections that afford them better margins.

At Libra we do just that.

We do it thanks to our understanding of our customer’s culture, to our in-house creative resources, to our manufacturing knowledge.

We have been in this business since 1991. We don’t improvise: we only undertake jobs that we know we can perform. We are competent, honest and reliable. Our references and our history speak for themselves.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with your company.

Paolo Sepulcri
Founder and Managing Director

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